OA3 Club Overview

Ocean Adventurer 3 (OA3) is an expedition yacht aiming to explore some of the most incredible destinations the Indian Ocean has to offer, to surf, free dive and kite. Ocean Adventurer is not a pampered luxury charter and only OA3 Club Members can join our 5 year expedition.

We offer our membership to explorers who want to get close and personal with all the incredible wildlife of the Indian Ocean and find places very few people will ever see.

Off the beaten track is where we like to go most.

Why choose OA3 exploration club over a conventional charter?   
Most charters operate in well trodden areas. Ocean Adventurer 3 is a capable expedition yacht that seeks to find the most remote and idyllic places to explore, surf, dive, kite and SUP around the Indian Ocean. We are a private boat, going to incredible places with an amazing group of passionate people.

If this is exactly what you’ve been looking for,contact us to get full details.