David de Villiers founded Ocean Adventurer in 2007. A lifelong sailor, David had some of his best adventures of his career in the Indian Ocean. Diving the Sardine run, exploration of Bassas da India, surfing Mozambique and Madagascar to name a few. Seeing the potential to satisfy his adventure lust, the concept for Ocean Adventurer was born.

The driving passion: incredible Ocean Adventures.


Ocean Adventurer 1 was a very unique Nigel Irens designed 115ft wave piercing trimaran. It was built for a round the world speed record, which it achieved in 1998. Thereafter the boat sat abandoned in a river in England for 5 years, waiting for its next adventure. David bought the boat, and through blood sweat and tears refitted it into an extreme adventure yacht. As OA1 could maintain high speeds for extended periods of time very efficiently and economically, it was perfect to explore there furthest reaches of the Indian Ocean, and by example making it capable of doing live aboard Sardine Run dive experiences – something never attempted before. For 4 years, the Ocean Adventurer 1 accumulated more sea miles than most boats accumulate in a lifetime! Some highlights: Rescue of dismasted racing yacht in Southern Ocean. First live aboard Sardine Run and Miles for Smiles kayak crossing Mozambique to Madagascar.

In 2011, the Sea Shepard conservation society saw the potential to use OA1 as a chase boat for its Anti Whaling campaigns in Antarctica. David indented to charter the boat to them, but due to very restrictive red tape complications it made more sense for Sea Shepard to purchase OA1. What a cool boat, and such an amazing experience to have sailed so many miles on her, and have grand adventures.


After delivering OA1 to Sea Shepard in Australia, the search for a new adventure boat started. David is always looking for the unique blend a very efficient stable hull that can maintain good cruising speed economically. In 2012, David found OA2 after a thorough search. A one of a kind Nautitech 82 power catamaran lying in the Mediterranean. After protracted negotiations a deal was done, and OA2 moved to her new home in Cape Town. After short refit OA2 took over the adventure mantle. Many memorable trips to Madagascar, Maldives, Mozambique followed. An offer was made on OA2 in 2015. With a view to upgrading to another adventure boat, OA2was sold, and the search began again!

Enter OA3. Initially designed to do transatlantic crossings, OA3 has all the key features for our purposes. She can maintain good cruising speed, very efficiently and economically. This is key for our 5-year exploration program.

We are driven by exploration – OA3 is perfectly suited for our needs


In September 2016, – Ocean Adventurer 3 – started a 5 year tour aiming to surf, free dive, kite and explore some of the most incredible destinations the world has to offer.

The 5 year tour is kicking off with Mauritius, Chagos and Lacadives and the goal is to get close and personal with all the incredible wildlife of the Indian Ocean and find waves to surf in very remote places. Off the beaten track is where we like to go most.

Our driving passion is exploring, and having a grand adventure. Furthering our environmental and conservational initiatives with the program.

Ocean Adventurer CV highlights includes:

  • Ocean Adventuer TV series 2015
  • National Geographic Pristine Seas Expedition 2014
  • Maldives Surf Exploration 2013
  • Sardine Run 2013 Magnus Lundren
  • Wild Wonders
  • East Africa Marine Transect Expedition
  • Moving Sushi 2013
  • Madagascar Surf Exploration 2012
  • Maldives/Mauritius/Seychelles Research/utility 2010
  • Seychelles Assumption/Aldabra Research vessel 2009
  • Aqua X 13 part TV series
  • SA coastline 2008/9
  • Southern Ocean salvage of racing yacht 2007